likoria guide | likoria in english symtoms and side effects

likoria guide | likoria in english symtoms and side effects

hi friends today I share you likoria disease symptoms and likoria side effects likoria guide:likoria guide | likoria in english symtoms and side effects

likoria in english

Likoria is generally known as the exclusion of white substance

Feminine reproductive disease, in which the white substance is exterminated from the female zinc.

His name is leucorrhoea ‘two words’ collection’ rrhoea mean white and means emission.

The typical definition of leucorrhoea is white substance, which is derived from the feminine organic vagina

This exit flows smoothly or is adhesive and thick. Female Sexual Specific

Exemption from substance is a sign of healthy and common health. This exclusion is real

I have liquid nutrients and these are poisonous components

That constantly disappears. This exemption is white but in generally healthy women

If the thickness of ’emulsion’ is colourful and energetic in the emission colour, the medical examination is needed.

According to symptoms, when there is serious and extraction in the emission, in the following circumstances:

Likoria requires treatment. leucorrhoea disease symptoms|side effects| in English

  1. If the emissions are too high and continuous and it is difficult to stop ‘pad still needs to be kept.
  2. If the emission is not very white but it is grey-white, it’s yellow or green. ‘Be brown or like zing

And feel embarrassed during expiration.

leucorrhoea reasons :

the leucorrhoea important reasons.

1- Any type of inflammation infection

Some funguses such as yeast organic or sexual organs cause infections due to in leucorrhoea

It becomes leaked because the disease is thick due to the illness caused by fungus.

It will be white and this

With a sense of pestilence in sexuality. This kind of emission called a female penis

Goes away

2- leucorrhoea Transmitted illness:

Some sexually transmitted diseases cause leprosy in women. Sexually transmitted

The disease is Trichomoniasis in which the emission is vegetable or yellow.

3 -leucorrhoea reason dirty dining room:

Public use of toiletries’ especially infections of public toiletry sexual organs

Causes causing leprosy to become infected. It has come to see those women

Those who use sexual medicine more often.

4- Problems of the last narrow part of the childbirth:

It may also cause bleeding or be bleeding on the child’s head. In that case leucorrhoea

Extraction is high, but there is more than the incidence of sexual intercourse

It is brown and implies to the blood cells.


Pillows or lower stomach (which cause reproductive sexual intercourse) due to infection in ploys

There may be inflammation. In this section, inflammation also causes leprosy

6- leucorrhoea reason Due to various diseases:

Women who suffer from various diseases such as tuberculosis’ or anaemia (lack of blood) their

The amount of emission from sexually exhaust is seen in women who are ill

Do not defend or use defective food.

7-likoria reason Pressure and stress:

There is also some reason behind leprosy that women are very stressful or are worried

They may have leprosy disease and some women are so scared and in the clinic

Come and say the doctor is biting our bones.

Likoria types:

Various types of likoria have been made on the basis of colours and causes of conjunction.

likoria guide | likoria in english symtoms and side effects 10 Type of likoria Reason

Emission colour

leucorrhoea of infection Expected infections due to inflammation

Take a feeling of thick and white arrows Sexually Transmitted likoria

Sexually transmitted leucorrhoea such as Trichomoniasis

Green and yellow emission Survey leucorrhoea Sprinkle or vomiting on the top of the child

Blood extensions like blood-related zing

The lower part of the abdomen is ‘leprosy’ where the organ is produced

This section of the stomach involves deformation that contains ‘nausea’, especially the inflammation of the part

White colour emission ‘with lower back pain

leucorrhoea caused by mental stress or stress

Mental stress and stress Slim Safe Outfit ‘in a large quantity

Likoria leucorrhoea sign: symptoms

The most obvious symbol of likoria is usually unusual in the exemption from the female sexually transmitted epilepsy

The pin of this exclusion is like the following symptoms:

  1. The general colour is often yellow or green or brown
  2. White but quantity more
  3. Likoria An emotion of emission with emission and pain in the lower part of the stomach.

The complications caused by leprosy:

Likoria is a minor illness if it is initially caught and someone else is expelled

If you feel unusual, she should refer to the doctor immediately. This problem with timely treatment is two days or one

It can be a weekend.

One thing should be well-minded that no medicine should be used in likoria.

There are many creams’ balls and tablets available in the market. Expert nutrition advice

Should not be used Some women use lymphoma to become allergic

This can cause more infections and the case can worsen even more, so be careful.

leucorrhoea disease transfer

leucorrhoea that transfers like a yeast and very easily in the woman’s second woman

Gets transferred from when clothes of an infected woman meet a healthy woman’s clothes

Due to this, this disease can also affect it. So high under your underwear

Detergents with fabrics Clean the fungus or stain. leucorrhoea is also caused by unsafe sexual contact. A person’s nutritious organic production can affect the malignant orgasm of the woman, which may cause leprosy.

likoria Protect:

There are many precautions that can be taken from leprosy. The following is a registered leader. Below are: Maintenance of reproductive organisms is very important. Your sex reproductive organs should wash during the bath. Anus Anne and Vulvas Vulva should add water to the layers of orgasm in leucorrhoea.

Dry it after drying and reproduce orgasm and proportional organs. After bathing, do not miss the reproductive and proportional organs. There is plenty of water to poison the body. The articles are exhausted. It is very important to clear this section well after urine. If you are dressed in rain or work, change them immediately.

Nylon costumes are especially useful for summer season because it has sweat on sexual organs. The cotton cloth for the underwear is the best.

If you are going to match sexually, make sure that you are comfortable with After all this type of infection, you should wash your clothes with your sexually exhausted ‘this will save many diseases.’ Make it your usual routine for sexual activity.

Be fully exhausted. Does not use excessive powder ‘premium and other cosmetics around the body? Exercise and stress reducing exercises should be ‘morning early’ if it is physically cleansed; it will increase immunity against the disease.

Food for prevention: Avoid eating uniformly food. Can go. This change means’ to remove harmful food from the food and to add some food to food.

Make Suitable for All Depression Quantity Food, Eat Meat and Eat Meat, Use One Glass after Freshwater with Freshwater Benefits, Ends All Types Of likoria in english

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